A New Theory of Intelligence – What Are the Brain Waves?

According to Jeff Hawkins in his recent book, A Thousand Brains, a future world dominated by general-purpose AI is about to dominate human intelligence in the later part of this decade. General-purpose AI is referred to as “intelligent software” or “robotics.” Some people worry about artificially intelligent computers becoming more like a human brain. Will […]

Brain Science News You Can Use

There are a lot of things that I would like to discuss with you in this Brain Science News article. I am writing this as a way to provide you with information that you might not have been aware of. When I talk about neurotransmitters, it is my belief that they play an incredibly important […]

Neurotransmitters – Serotonin and GABA

Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers that carry information from nerve cell to nerve cell in the brain. These chemical messengers, including serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine work together in the brain to control mood, behavior and emotion. Serotonin is often referred to as the happy drug because it can actually keep people in a positive mood despite […]

Is Neurotransmitters Introvert?

Neurotransmitters are neurotransmitters that carry information from nerve cells to the rest of the body. Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers sent and received by neurons within the brain. There are several hundred known neurotransmitters and many of them have crucial roles in the brain. Neurotransmitters are thought to influence behavior and development, but exactly how they […]

Tips For Making Your Brain and Serotonin Feel Good

Serotonin is a hormone produced by your pineal gland and is one of the main chemicals that affect your brain chemistry. Scientists know that the brain and serotonin work hand in hand and produce a very strong bond. It has been noted that when the brain’s production of this chemical decreases, then the person tends […]

Brain and Dopamine – How They Are Linked

In today’s society, the brain and dopamine are used for everything from riding a bike to playing poker. You might even take part in brain and dopamine therapy to help you get high. But why do you feel good when you take that zest pill? Is it because of the simple pleasure of doing something […]