Melotonin for More than Sleep
Melatonin is not your generic nootropic. In fact, the compound is best known for its role in helping the human race get some shut eye. It is naturally secreted by the pineal gland in the brain as the sun goes down, signaling and regulating sleep. Levels of melatonin are... Read more
Our Reward System May be the Key to Sleep Cycles
My mother has an annoying, but insightful, habit. Anytime I’m stressed out or feeling blue she always asks the same question: how are you sleeping? It is annoying because she is my mother, and it is insightful because she is usually right. According to the National Institute of Health... Read more
Why Do I Yawn?
You wake up in the morning. You stretch and yawn. You are tired at work, so you yawn. You are scratching your ear and yawn. You are working on your research project and yawn. You are watching a movie where someone yawns, so you yawn. You can’t escape yawning.... Read more
How Do Dreams Work?
When you are asleep, you go through several stages. These stages are there for lots of reasons. For instance, scientists believe that dreaming and sleeping may have something to do with how you form your memories, and another stage of sleep makes sure that you don’t act out your... Read more
Your Insomniac Brain May Be Different Than Others
Insomnia is not just a problem that happens at night. According to researchers, insomnia is tied to different brain activities – and those that suffer from this sleeping difficulty may also have different brain activity at all times of the day. In fact, according to Rachel E. Salas, M.D insomnia... Read more
Why Do I Feel like I Am Tripping When I’m Falling Asleep?
You are experienced something called a hypnic jerk. These are super common. These involuntary twitches happen when you are just beginning to fall asleep and may startle you into being awake. I don’t know how common this is, but I often have dreams, or rather images, as I am... Read more
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