Impulsivity Multifaceted, Linked to Serotonin and Dopamine Systems
What do you most remember about being eighteen? For me, it is the impulsiveness. Cruising into tattoo parlors and blurting out little-considered ideas for permanent ink designs and various piercings. Jumping off a pier in Greece only to realize I’d have to swim quite far to find an exit,... Read more
Where Do Your Wandering Thoughts Come From?
Several years ago, I attended a ten-day silent retreat in Thailand. As someone who had never really meditated before, it was an eye opener. Ten days with only your thoughts to entertain you, and strict directions to think about nothing but breathing, teaches you a thing or two about... Read more
Mild Cognitive Disorder Treatment: Piracetam vs. Noopept
In a sunny suburb of Florida, Janie Smith loses her keys. After much wandering about she realizes they’re on the coffee table to the left side of her couch, instead of the one to the right side of her couch. Janie laughs at her silliness. This wouldn’t have happened... Read more
Piracetam for Anxiety and Depression
We have all experienced that momentary awkward feeling when passing by someone vaguely familiar in the hall or on the road. Do I wave? Smile? Start a Conversation? Pretend I don’t see them? As we get older, some of this social anxiety is alleviated. We better understand social protocol.... Read more
Interested in Increased Brain Plasticity? Norepinephrine may be the key
A human being is born with roughly 200 million axons shooting about and making connections in their brain. Though they are loosely networked in the womb, a more solid network of connectivity builds up over time. Connections that are used are strengthened, and those that are not used are... Read more
Scientists Find Brain’s Turbo Switch: FXR1P
Why is this Important? Because this could be like a real-life version of the film Limitless. tl;dr (Long Story Short) Scientists appear to have found a regulator in the brain that suppresses the production of molecules required to build new memories, opening up the possibility that human brains are... Read more
5 Daily Brain Exercises
Your brain is capable of some pretty amazing things. It’s constantly changing in response to your habits and lifestyle, and it behaves like a muscle – the more you use it, the stronger it will become. That’s not metaphorical, either: you can “work out” parts of your brain, making... Read more
Addiction and The Brain
It still happens today, although not as often. Some people think that addiction is something people can basically will themselves out of it, but that isn’t the way it works. Addiction is a disease. Nobody tells people to will themselves out of a cold or a broken arm. The... Read more
What Happens in the Brain During Isolation?
People that are in a state of isolation start experiencing odd things. Whether this state of isolation is due to self-imposition or due to an outside factor like incarceration, it certainly does something to the mind. What exactly does it do, though? Let’s talk about loneliness. That is the... Read more
Depression in the Brain and What’s Being Done About It
Depression isn’t just being sad. It is often a chronic condition and it sometimes claims the lives of the people that it affects. Many people with depression struggle with going to seek help but those that do often find that the treatment may not work for them. Some of... Read more
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