Do Sciences and Humanities Students’ Brains Differ?
Scholars on both sides of the science-humanities divide have been known to feel that their counterparts just don’t think in the same way. But could it be that their brains are actually different? Yes, it could, say Japanese neuroscientists Hikaru Takeuchi and colleagues, who have just published a paper about Brain structures... Read more
Terminal Lucidity: Myth, Mystery or Miracle?
Can sick people gain mental clarity just before they die? University of Virginia researchers Michael Nahm and Bruce Greyson explore this issue in a gripping (if macabre) paper published in the journal Omega:The death of Anna Katharina Ehmer: a case study in terminal lucidity. The authors discuss the case of... Read more
Even Kindergarteners Can Rate Their Own Confidence
Do you remember on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire—apparently this show is still on, but I’ll assume no one else has seen it this decade—how after contestants picked an answer, Regis Philbin sometimes asked, “How sure are you?” They’d pull a number seemingly out of the air: “Oh, eighty-five... Read more
This Sponge Is Our Best Model Yet of a Working Brain
You may have heard someone’s memory praised with the saying “You have a brain like a sponge.” Well, here’s a twist: a sponge that’s like a brain. A research team from Tufts University in Boston constructed a functioning 3-D brain model by seeding spongy silk scaffolds with mouse neurons.... Read more
Beginner’s Guide to Stack
HOW SHOULD I DECIDE WHAT TO TAKE? Once you’ve decided in general terms what you want to improve, be it, working memory, (long-term) memory, attention, etc, then review the relevant research on the enhancement of that aspect of cognitive function and choose an enhancer most suited to your goals. For beginners based on the... Read more
Most Relaxing Tune Ever Recorded, Reducing Anxiety by 65%
I know this isn’t really nootropics related but this song does help with anxiety. I wanted to share a great song that in test subjects , it reduced their anxiety by 65% and supposedly introduces a trace-like state. Personally I’ve used this song on long flights and meditation, it works like a charm. “It slows... Read more
Nutrients for Better Mental Performance
This is a great video by Google Tech Talks presented by Steven Wm. Fowkes., he goes into detail explaining how different nutrition’s can help people of all ages treat various physical and mental conditions, spanning from genetic disorders such as Down syndrome, to adolescent behavior problems and on to senility and Alzheimer’s disease... Read more
Nootropics Infographic
... Read more
6 Supplements that are Good for Sleep
Having trouble sleeping? Insomnia?  Nearly one-third of Americans say they lie awake at least a few nights each week. Humans today are not following the natural day and night sleeping cycle that we have evolved with for millions of years. Now we have televisions, computers, tablets and phones in our bedrooms... Read more
Molecular Link between Marijuana and Alzheimer’s Disease
Marijuana and Alzheimer’s Disease “Alzheimer’s disease is the leading cause of dementia among the elderly, and with the ever-increasing size of this population, cases of Alzheimer’s disease are expected to triple over the next 50 years. Consequently, the development of treatments that slow or halt the disease progression have... Read more
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