Your Brain During an Orgasm
You have probably never thought about what your brain was doing when you were having an orgasm. After all, you were kind of busy. What happens to your brain while you are having sex? Well, your brain acts kind of like a pleasure center. It’s what tells you whether... Read more
The Color Red

The Color Red

Consciousness August 30, 2014

There is some science being done about the color red. It isn’t just the color of pretty backless cocktail dresses, fast cars or satin bed sheets. Red isn’t just a seductive color, it is also a manipulative color, according to an article by David Robson on the BBC Future... Read more
Why Do I Yawn?
You wake up in the morning. You stretch and yawn. You are tired at work, so you yawn. You are scratching your ear and yawn. You are working on your research project and yawn. You are watching a movie where someone yawns, so you yawn. You can’t escape yawning.... Read more
Depression in the Brain and What’s Being Done About It
Depression isn’t just being sad. It is often a chronic condition and it sometimes claims the lives of the people that it affects. Many people with depression struggle with going to seek help but those that do often find that the treatment may not work for them. Some of... Read more
Your Brain on Love

Your Brain on Love

Emotions August 30, 2014

Love. That indescribable feeling. The way your heart thumps in your chest when you hear a text notification. How your hands get all clammy when you are about to see your partner. Your cheeks reddening and heating up as you go in for that first kiss. Everyone who has... Read more
How Do Dreams Work?
When you are asleep, you go through several stages. These stages are there for lots of reasons. For instance, scientists believe that dreaming and sleeping may have something to do with how you form your memories, and another stage of sleep makes sure that you don’t act out your... Read more
How Does Your Brain Make Memories?
There are things I remember clear as day. When I walked for my degree. Where I was when I heard about the 9/11 attacks. How an announcement flashed on the screen at my first full time job, telling me I had left my headlights on. Some of these memories... Read more
Are There Anti-Sociopaths?
We all know a lot about sociopaths. At the very least, we know what the movies and the news show us. People without empathy are scary and can commit crimes, disregard others and simply live for themselves. They don’t fit into what we see as a society. Surely if... Read more
Why Do You Feel Thirst In Your Throat?
You know – well, most of the time – when you are hungry. You know when your stomach is empty, and you can feel it and hear it churning and you may feel that your stomach is either tight or empty. If you don’t eat or don’t eat well... Read more
The Singularity: Could Your Brain Be Part of It?
You may have heard of the singularity. It is an incredibly popular theory that both scientists and philosophers are still exploring with great care. There are many books written about the subject and there are lots of movies that are based on the concept of the singularity. Transcendence, Her,... Read more
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