This Is Your Brain On Music
Learning the piano is no simple task. The organization of white and black keys may be easily explained, but developing the auditory and motor skills to reproduce Beethoven’s symphony requires more than an understanding of musical notes and notation. The key to music is practice. Repetition over time can... Read more
Choline – a Drug Found in Many Nootropics – is Essential for Brain Development
When I was pregnant with my first child, I had major pregnancy brain. I created a whole new language with the number of new, and incorrect, words I made up to replace the ones I couldn’t remember. Everything was always lost. The remote control kept ending up in unusual... Read more
5 Daily Brain Exercises
Your brain is capable of some pretty amazing things. It’s constantly changing in response to your habits and lifestyle, and it behaves like a muscle – the more you use it, the stronger it will become. That’s not metaphorical, either: you can “work out” parts of your brain, making... Read more
7 Useful Tools for Tracking Nootropic Effects
HERE ARE 7 FREE TOOLS TO HELP QUANTIFY / TRACK NOOTROPICS EFFECTS Cambridge Brain Sciences –Cambridge Brain Sciences Inc provides scientifically proven tools for the assessment of cognitive function over the web. Cognifit –CogniFit brain training lets you assess and train your memory and other cognitive abilities with brain games... Read more
9 Reasons Elite Entrepreneurs Are Using Smart Pills To Crush Work
Popularized on college campuses and in movies like “Limitless,” According to CNN smart drugs are finding their way into more and more startups and are being used by founders and employees to improve efficiency, memory retention, focus and energy. Here are 9 reasons why. 1. The real life “Limitless”? Sort... Read more
Let’s Talk About Your Brain
Not just about what it does or what it feels. Let’s talk about what is physically inside of your skull – that pinkish mass of electrodes and other goodies that is allowing you to read this article right now. What does your brain look like? Your brain is soft.... Read more
Why Do I See Faces on Everything?
The oven, the wood carvings on your door, and your wallet all have one thing in common: you can see faces on them. They are inanimate objects and obviously have not been designed so that you can see faces on them. There are some famous examples, like Jesus on... Read more
Addiction and The Brain
It still happens today, although not as often. Some people think that addiction is something people can basically will themselves out of it, but that isn’t the way it works. Addiction is a disease. Nobody tells people to will themselves out of a cold or a broken arm. The... Read more
Why You Should Listen to Music as Much as Possible
Everyone likes music, but many people are not exactly sure how it affects their brain. Yes, listening to a sad song after a break-up is as satisfying as listening to a summer hit when in a nightclub. It’s just satisfying in a totally different way. Music actually affects lots... Read more
What Happens in the Brain During Isolation?
People that are in a state of isolation start experiencing odd things. Whether this state of isolation is due to self-imposition or due to an outside factor like incarceration, it certainly does something to the mind. What exactly does it do, though? Let’s talk about loneliness. That is the... Read more
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