Does Family Income Alter Brain Structure? One Study Says Yes.
In the United States there is one idea that is universally cherished – the idea of the American dream. At the heart of this construction is the belief that in a free society people are able to pull themselves up through sheer determination. It is the idea that anyone... Read more
The ABCs of Astrocytes
The central nervous system (CNS) is arguably the most important part of the human body. It includes the brain and the spinal cord. The brain is widely believed to be where all our thought originate. It compares and contrasts. It strings together words and paragraphs. It helps us to... Read more
Oxytocin and the Brain
Oxytocin is a pretty serious drug. The hormone is most well-known for its uses during labor – it is naturally released in large doses during labor and is also administered on-site as a way to begin or speed up the process. The hormone is also associated with trust and... Read more
The Mouse Who Got a New Body
It may sound like something out a science fiction movie, but allogenic head and body reconstruction research is moving full speed ahead at Harbin Medical University in China. Interestingly, it isn’t the physiological challenges of joining one animal’s head to another’s body that is new. In the 1960s and... Read more
Superior Memory and… Alzheimer’s?
Growing old is a dynamic process, and no two people do it in exactly the same way. Though most people fall into a middle range of aging patterns, some fall into more extreme patterns. One such pattern is Alzheimer’s. Characterized by plaques and tangles in the brain that cause... Read more
The Downside of Focus
Focus. It is what allows a law student to study for the bar exam, keeps a ballerina concentrated on her craft long enough to become a master dancer and ultimately helps little kids learn to tie their shoes. Being able to hone in on a single element of our... Read more
Finding Pain in the Brain
Pain is a national problem. I’m not talking about the pain of a failed relationship or the terrible sensation of hitting your funny bone against something hard. I’m not talking about scraped knees, the flu or even breaking a bone. Though these are painful experiences, they are short lived.... Read more
Your Physical Brain
When was the last time you did something that was truly physical? I’m not talking about getting winded as you stroll through autumn fields in search of the perfect pumpkin, or chasing down a city bus. I am talking about long bike rides, steep hikes, and marathon training regimes.... Read more
Mild Cognitive Disorder Treatment: Piracetam vs. Noopept
In a sunny suburb of Florida, Janie Smith loses her keys. After much wandering about she realizes they’re on the coffee table to the left side of her couch, instead of the one to the right side of her couch. Janie laughs at her silliness. This wouldn’t have happened... Read more
Marijuana and the Developing Brain
Before I started studying the brain, I had a pretty laissez faire attitude towards marijuana use. If you had asked me, even five years ago, how I intended to educate my children in drug use, I would have espoused an “everything in moderation” attitude. Luckily, I started to learn... Read more
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