The Monkeys Have Spoken: IDRA 21 May Enhance Normal Brain Functioning
IDRA 21 is a nootropic. Clinical trials have found the drug to be an effective method of enhancing memory in patients with cognitive deficits, but what of healthy patients? Like many nootropics, IDRA 21 has been extensively studied as an aid for helping patients with cognitive impairment, but hasn’t been... Read more
Nootropics and Mitochondrial Respiration
Mitochondrial respiration is important. It is these mechanisms that convert oxygen to adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the universal energy donor in cells. When ATP production isn’t working at full capacity, cells can’t function properly.  A recent study from the Czech Republic examines the impact of nootropics on a variety of... Read more
Your Physical Brain
When was the last time you did something that was truly physical? I’m not talking about getting winded as you stroll through autumn fields in search of the perfect pumpkin, or chasing down a city bus. I am talking about long bike rides, steep hikes, and marathon training regimes.... Read more
Marijuana and the Developing Brain
Before I started studying the brain, I had a pretty laissez faire attitude towards marijuana use. If you had asked me, even five years ago, how I intended to educate my children in drug use, I would have espoused an “everything in moderation” attitude. Luckily, I started to learn... Read more
Towards a Synthetic Brain
There are many reasons to study the brain. Understanding cognition can help us slow, or even reverse, degenerative brain diseases. It can help us understand the environmental factors that lead to increased cognition and connectivity. It may even help us to boost our brain power. Neuroscience, however, doesn’t end... Read more
Study finds Nootropics with Cholinergic Activity have a Long History of Therapeutic Brain Strengthening
There is always room for error with nootropics. We’d all like them to work, and sometimes people get over excited by a potential breakthrough. Given the atmosphere of innovation and excitement, it’s great when someone combs through the scientific literature and provides an assessment of potentially useful nootropic activity.... Read more
New Evidence May Explain Why Enriched Environments Protect Against Alzheimer’s
We all expect our bodies to deteriorate over time, and we know that our brains are a part of that body. We still don’t expect the brain to be the first organ to completely fail. As our lifespans increase, however, this organ is becoming one of our most vulnerable... Read more
Interested in Increased Brain Plasticity? Norepinephrine may be the key
A human being is born with roughly 200 million axons shooting about and making connections in their brain. Though they are loosely networked in the womb, a more solid network of connectivity builds up over time. Connections that are used are strengthened, and those that are not used are... Read more
Choline – a Drug Found in Many Nootropics – is Essential for Brain Development
When I was pregnant with my first child, I had major pregnancy brain. I created a whole new language with the number of new, and incorrect, words I made up to replace the ones I couldn’t remember. Everything was always lost. The remote control kept ending up in unusual... Read more
The Physical Secrets of “Superaging”
It’s 8:00 AM and you just can’t kind your car keys. You’re sure you had them when you walked in the door last night, but they just aren’t in any of the usual places. When you finally find them, sitting in plain view on your coffee table, you have... Read more
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