Does Family Income Alter Brain Structure? One Study Says Yes.
In the United States there is one idea that is universally cherished – the idea of the American dream. At the heart of this construction is the belief that in a free society people are able to pull themselves up through sheer determination. It is the idea that anyone... Read more
Superior Memory and… Alzheimer’s?
Growing old is a dynamic process, and no two people do it in exactly the same way. Though most people fall into a middle range of aging patterns, some fall into more extreme patterns. One such pattern is Alzheimer’s. Characterized by plaques and tangles in the brain that cause... Read more
The Downside of Focus
Focus. It is what allows a law student to study for the bar exam, keeps a ballerina concentrated on her craft long enough to become a master dancer and ultimately helps little kids learn to tie their shoes. Being able to hone in on a single element of our... Read more
Nootropics and Mitochondrial Respiration
Mitochondrial respiration is important. It is these mechanisms that convert oxygen to adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the universal energy donor in cells. When ATP production isn’t working at full capacity, cells can’t function properly.  A recent study from the Czech Republic examines the impact of nootropics on a variety of... Read more
Marijuana and the Developing Brain
Before I started studying the brain, I had a pretty laissez faire attitude towards marijuana use. If you had asked me, even five years ago, how I intended to educate my children in drug use, I would have espoused an “everything in moderation” attitude. Luckily, I started to learn... Read more
Longevity Gene Linked to a Better Brain
KLOTHO may sound like the name of an alien species out of Star Trek, but it is actually a gene associated with longevity in humans. The gene has been linked to lower levels of muscle atrophy and cardiovascular disease. It is basically science fiction, minus the fiction. It gets... Read more
Choline – a Drug Found in Many Nootropics – is Essential for Brain Development
When I was pregnant with my first child, I had major pregnancy brain. I created a whole new language with the number of new, and incorrect, words I made up to replace the ones I couldn’t remember. Everything was always lost. The remote control kept ending up in unusual... Read more
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