Melotonin for More than Sleep
Melatonin is not your generic nootropic. In fact, the compound is best known for its role in helping the human race get some shut eye. It is naturally secreted by the pineal gland in the brain as the sun goes down, signaling and regulating sleep. Levels of melatonin are... Read more
The Mouse Who Got a New Body
It may sound like something out a science fiction movie, but allogenic head and body reconstruction research is moving full speed ahead at Harbin Medical University in China. Interestingly, it isn’t the physiological challenges of joining one animal’s head to another’s body that is new. In the 1960s and... Read more
Superior Memory and… Alzheimer’s?
Growing old is a dynamic process, and no two people do it in exactly the same way. Though most people fall into a middle range of aging patterns, some fall into more extreme patterns. One such pattern is Alzheimer’s. Characterized by plaques and tangles in the brain that cause... Read more
Trauma and the Teen Brain: Gender Matters
Nothing is more tragic than a teenager whose life and emotional well-being is shattered by post-traumatic stress. Though parents worldwide would prefer to keep children sheltered from traumatic experiences, it just isn’t possible. Shootings, burglaries, sexual abuse and other sources of trauma are a part of our world. We will never... Read more
Do Your Brain a Favor and Soak Up the Sun
My little sister often refers to herself as a lizard. If you ever saw her sunbathing, you would know why. She stretches out in such lazy, complete happiness that you can’t help but smile. She loves the daylight, and she isn’t the only one. A new study has found... Read more
Nootropics and Traumatic Brain Injury
There are more than 200,000 traumatic brain injuries diagnosed in the United States each year. While you might expect this type of injury to occur with our soldiers and football players, it impacts a much wider segment of the population. Falling off the monkey bars, taking a tumble off... Read more
Stem Cells in the Brain: A Cautious Success Story
Researchers, scholars and the public alike have high hopes for the medicinal uses of stem cells, but are their hopes misplaced? Not according to eighteen patients who were recently treated with stem cells after debilitating strokes robbed them of mobility. On a scale of 100 points, with 100 representing full... Read more
Your Physical Brain
When was the last time you did something that was truly physical? I’m not talking about getting winded as you stroll through autumn fields in search of the perfect pumpkin, or chasing down a city bus. I am talking about long bike rides, steep hikes, and marathon training regimes.... Read more
Piracetam for Anxiety and Depression
We have all experienced that momentary awkward feeling when passing by someone vaguely familiar in the hall or on the road. Do I wave? Smile? Start a Conversation? Pretend I don’t see them? As we get older, some of this social anxiety is alleviated. We better understand social protocol.... Read more
Marijuana and the Developing Brain
Before I started studying the brain, I had a pretty laissez faire attitude towards marijuana use. If you had asked me, even five years ago, how I intended to educate my children in drug use, I would have espoused an “everything in moderation” attitude. Luckily, I started to learn... Read more
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