Oxytocin and the Brain
Oxytocin is a pretty serious drug. The hormone is most well-known for its uses during labor – it is naturally released in large doses during labor and is also administered on-site as a way to begin or speed up the process. The hormone is also associated with trust and... Read more
Do Your Brain a Favor and Soak Up the Sun
My little sister often refers to herself as a lizard. If you ever saw her sunbathing, you would know why. She stretches out in such lazy, complete happiness that you can’t help but smile. She loves the daylight, and she isn’t the only one. A new study has found... Read more
Why Do I See Faces on Everything?
The oven, the wood carvings on your door, and your wallet all have one thing in common: you can see faces on them. They are inanimate objects and obviously have not been designed so that you can see faces on them. There are some famous examples, like Jesus on... Read more
Your Brain on Love

Your Brain on Love

Emotions August 30, 2014

Love. That indescribable feeling. The way your heart thumps in your chest when you hear a text notification. How your hands get all clammy when you are about to see your partner. Your cheeks reddening and heating up as you go in for that first kiss. Everyone who has... Read more
Are There Anti-Sociopaths?
We all know a lot about sociopaths. At the very least, we know what the movies and the news show us. People without empathy are scary and can commit crimes, disregard others and simply live for themselves. They don’t fit into what we see as a society. Surely if... Read more
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