Where Do Your Wandering Thoughts Come From?
Several years ago, I attended a ten-day silent retreat in Thailand. As someone who had never really meditated before, it was an eye opener. Ten days with only your thoughts to entertain you, and strict directions to think about nothing but breathing, teaches you a thing or two about... Read more
Man plays guitar during Brain Surgery
A Brazilian musician of 20 years gave a performance in one of the most unconventional venues — his operating table. While undergoing brain surgery to remove a tumor, Anthony Kulkamp Dias, 33, remained conscious by singing and playing his guitar at Nossa Senhora da Conceição Hospital in Santa Catarina. Dias... Read more
The Color Red

The Color Red

Consciousness August 30, 2014

There is some science being done about the color red. It isn’t just the color of pretty backless cocktail dresses, fast cars or satin bed sheets. Red isn’t just a seductive color, it is also a manipulative color, according to an article by David Robson on the BBC Future... Read more
The Singularity: Could Your Brain Be Part of It?
You may have heard of the singularity. It is an incredibly popular theory that both scientists and philosophers are still exploring with great care. There are many books written about the subject and there are lots of movies that are based on the concept of the singularity. Transcendence, Her,... Read more
How Do I Feel Pain?
We all feel pain. Whether it is a scraped knee when playing in the yard or a fractured bone in an accident, pain is a universal feeling. Of course, there are lots of different types of pain. Pain is often useful – for instance, if you accidentally wrap your hand... Read more
Why Do I Want to Jump off a Ledge?
You have probably felt the urge before. You are on a cliff, looking down at the waves crashing below you and you feel like you should jump. You really want to jump. Or you are standing on the rooftop of your friend’s new apartment that overlooks the city and... Read more
Would you become ‘Lucy’ if you could use 100% of your brain?
The premise behind the blockbuster Summer movie Lucy is simple and a little out there. What if we could use more than 10% of our brains? Would you become telepathic, suddenly be able to read other languages and choose not to feel pain? Lucy can. The problem is that... Read more
Which Animals Have the Best Sense of Smell
Next time you’re deciding whether to throw out some questionable produce, you might want to turn to an elephant. That’s because the lumbering pachyderms turn out to have more genes coding for olfactory receptors (which detect smells) than any other known mammal — more than twice that found in... Read more
A Math Equation to Predict Happiness
Philosophers and writers have spilled countless barrels of ink attempting to elucidate the origins of happiness. What is happiness? How do we achieve it? Will we even know it when we do? These are complicated questions. But according to researchers from University College London, this is all you need... Read more
Even Kindergarteners Can Rate Their Own Confidence
Do you remember on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire—apparently this show is still on, but I’ll assume no one else has seen it this decade—how after contestants picked an answer, Regis Philbin sometimes asked, “How sure are you?” They’d pull a number seemingly out of the air: “Oh, eighty-five... Read more
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