Interested in Increased Brain Plasticity? Norepinephrine may be the key
A human being is born with roughly 200 million axons shooting about and making connections in their brain. Though they are loosely networked in the womb, a more solid network of connectivity builds up over time. Connections that are used are strengthened, and those that are not used are... Read more
The Physical Secrets of “Superaging”
It’s 8:00 AM and you just can’t kind your car keys. You’re sure you had them when you walked in the door last night, but they just aren’t in any of the usual places. When you finally find them, sitting in plain view on your coffee table, you have... Read more
Anthony Lee had just begun trying to hack his brain when his girlfriend caught him at it. He was sitting in the living room of his Alabama home with electrodes attached to his head, fiddling with the device he’d built to send a current through his gray matter, when... Read more
Why Do I Yawn?
You wake up in the morning. You stretch and yawn. You are tired at work, so you yawn. You are scratching your ear and yawn. You are working on your research project and yawn. You are watching a movie where someone yawns, so you yawn. You can’t escape yawning.... Read more
How Does Your Brain Make Memories?
There are things I remember clear as day. When I walked for my degree. Where I was when I heard about the 9/11 attacks. How an announcement flashed on the screen at my first full time job, telling me I had left my headlights on. Some of these memories... Read more
What Happens When You Are Knocked Out?
Let me first clarify that while we have an idea of what happens in the brain both when we faint and when we get knocked out, this article will specifically address the second part of this question. What happens to your brain when you get a concussion? According to... Read more
Why Are You Left-Handed?
Mostly everyone is right-handed. That’s what makes being a lefty so hard. It used to be way harder and more dangerous to be left-handed a few centuries ago than it is now, but our modern lefties face some other mundane difficulties. You are probably not considered a witch, but... Read more
This Sponge Is Our Best Model Yet of a Working Brain
You may have heard someone’s memory praised with the saying “You have a brain like a sponge.” Well, here’s a twist: a sponge that’s like a brain. A research team from Tufts University in Boston constructed a functioning 3-D brain model by seeding spongy silk scaffolds with mouse neurons.... Read more
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