Impulsivity Multifaceted, Linked to Serotonin and Dopamine Systems
What do you most remember about being eighteen? For me, it is the impulsiveness. Cruising into tattoo parlors and blurting out little-considered ideas for permanent ink designs and various piercings. Jumping off a pier in Greece only to realize I’d have to swim quite far to find an exit,... Read more
Does Family Income Alter Brain Structure? One Study Says Yes.
In the United States there is one idea that is universally cherished – the idea of the American dream. At the heart of this construction is the belief that in a free society people are able to pull themselves up through sheer determination. It is the idea that anyone... Read more
The ABCs of Astrocytes
The central nervous system (CNS) is arguably the most important part of the human body. It includes the brain and the spinal cord. The brain is widely believed to be where all our thought originate. It compares and contrasts. It strings together words and paragraphs. It helps us to... Read more
Learning from Cerebral Organoids
Cerebral organoids are arguably the coolest thing happening in neuroscience. It all starts with pluripotent stem cells – which are an amazing advancement in their own right. These are adult cells that have been genetically modified to behave as stem cells. Ever wonder why the debate over the ethical... Read more
Trauma and the Teen Brain: Gender Matters
Nothing is more tragic than a teenager whose life and emotional well-being is shattered by post-traumatic stress. Though parents worldwide would prefer to keep children sheltered from traumatic experiences, it just isn’t possible. Shootings, burglaries, sexual abuse and other sources of trauma are a part of our world. We will never... Read more
Marijuana and the Developing Brain
Before I started studying the brain, I had a pretty laissez faire attitude towards marijuana use. If you had asked me, even five years ago, how I intended to educate my children in drug use, I would have espoused an “everything in moderation” attitude. Luckily, I started to learn... Read more
This Is Your Brain On Music
Learning the piano is no simple task. The organization of white and black keys may be easily explained, but developing the auditory and motor skills to reproduce Beethoven’s symphony requires more than an understanding of musical notes and notation. The key to music is practice. Repetition over time can... Read more
Longevity Gene Linked to a Better Brain
KLOTHO may sound like the name of an alien species out of Star Trek, but it is actually a gene associated with longevity in humans. The gene has been linked to lower levels of muscle atrophy and cardiovascular disease. It is basically science fiction, minus the fiction. It gets... Read more
New Study Sheds Light on How Antidepressants Impact the Brain
We all get the blues sometimes, but for the 15.7 million Americans impacted by depression each year, feelings of worthlessness, sadness and hopelessness don’t go away. Depression is one of the most common mental disorders in the United States, and the number of Americans taking antidepressants is on the... Read more
New Evidence May Explain Why Enriched Environments Protect Against Alzheimer’s
We all expect our bodies to deteriorate over time, and we know that our brains are a part of that body. We still don’t expect the brain to be the first organ to completely fail. As our lifespans increase, however, this organ is becoming one of our most vulnerable... Read more
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